Who is Mitchell Entertainment?
We are a booking agency that specializes in corporate functions, fairs, galas, festivals all types of special events. From dance bands and touring acts to children's performers and family shows, Mitchell Entertainment can provide the service and expertise to fill all your needs.

What does the agency do?
Mitchell Entertainment is a bit different than most entertainment agencies in that we really look after the interests of the client as well as those of the artist. Most booking agencies are concerned about the performers, but they sometimes fall short when it comes to handling the fine details that really make or break an event.

Because we are geared to the special events market, we realize that we can't be offering the same artists year after year to the same client. We have a large exclusive talent roster, but in addition, we often shop the market through other agents and managers to be able to offer an unlimited source of ideas as new artists come in to the industry. Many people assume that this adds to the cost of the entertainment, but this is not the case. When two agencies "co-book" an artist, the commission is split between the two agents, so the price remains the same. This process of shopping offers clients a broad range of possibilities, and also enables us to pick up artists that are touring.

Time is Money !
s A number of our artists can provide a variety of services. For example, we book dance bands that can provide a pianist or guitarist, or an ensemble from within their band, and we have country acts that have members within the group that can do acoustic strolling sets before the dance or for receptions. A number of children's entertainers also offer adult shows as well. Some comedic acts can handle MC duties as well. These are just some of the ways that entertainment can be coordinated to serve more than one purpose while they are on site, and this is both time and cost-saving.

s Mitchell Entertainment also assists in arranging suitable sound and lighting for the venue, or if you already have a sound company in mind we connect with them to provide all of the technical information they need about the artists to make things run smoothly. We have encountered situations where a band has brought a P.A. (sound system) to an event, only to find that there is a sound company already in place that has been hired to supply production for another component of the event. Communication with one entertainment source eliminates this type of concern.

Expert Services
s Our agency can also provide advice about a stage manager, whose role is to be on-site to troubleshoot for last minute changes, give stage calls, and handle minor technical changes and stage equipment moves. This is not necessary if your entertainment line-up is simple, but if there are several venues and/or several acts, it's a good idea to have someone on hand.

s Since our office can assist with literally every style of entertainment, we can pull all of the elements together and save a lot of back and forth calls. This also avoids duplication, where one act gets hired for several different events, because everyone is "doing their own thing" in the planning stages.

s Follow-through, and follow-up is everything, and this is where we really shine. Our attention to detail has saved many potential problems. We check everything one last time with the client, the venue, the performers, and if applicable, the sound company, to make sure that everything goes well at the function.

s No one wants to think about problems, but occasionally they occur and sometimes at the very last minute. In the event of illness or accident, we always have acts on standby, and we are very proud to say that in our entire history we have never had a no-show (an agent's worst nightmare!).


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