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" A One Man Three Ring Circus"
From the simple catch of a handful of coins to a nearly catastrophic finale high upon the tightwire, the slightly hyperactive Flyin' Bob; balancer, juggler, wire walker, professional idiot and highly skilled goofball, takes you on a visit to the three ring circus in his mind.

He views the world as filled with nothing but toys and tries to convince the world to see it his way... The most common reaction after seeing the show is, "This guy has too much time on his hands!" Flyin' Bob considers this the highest possible compliment.

For 20 years, across Canada and in fifteen countries around the world, Flyin' Bob has performed as a juggler, tightwire walker, comic, and musician in every venue imaginable. The street, stage, corporations, national television shows and festivals in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Isreael, Egypt and the US have all experienced Flyin' Bob's unique brand of comedy and physical theatre. He has toured extensively throughout the school systems of Western Canada and has performed at many outdoor and corporate events throughout Alberta. He also directs, produces and teaches at Youth Circus Camps across the Country.

Flyin' Bob, aka Bob Palmer, lives in the Greatest Country on Earth: Canada! (yay) He was born in Nova Scotia and grew up in Saskatoon and recently moved to Red Deer, Alberta. He performed as a guitar player in many rock bands, taught school, coached spring board diving and had a huge number of "real jobs" (none of which really took). He finally and luckily heard the call of the variety performer life and has never looked back... except to see what was stuck to his shoe...
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